Perfect time for Nepal Tibet tour package

Perfect time to travel certain place depends upon the weather condition and the festival time. Sometimes good weather with the festival will fall at the same time but most of the time they won’t. So you can wait and choose the time when you want to visit a certain place.

To spend your time for a few days and want to travel to different places with specific things then take Nepal Tibet tour package. Nepal Tibet tour package will include visiting in Nepal and Tibet. By chance, you choose a certain time to visit these places and at the same time the weather is amazing or it’s festival time then your trip is worth it.

let’s plan the tour when the weather condition is amazing or perfect or festival time. Create the memorable moments in the tour with Himalayan Sherpa Holidays.

Which time will be perfect for Nepal tour?

There is definitely not a single response to the inquiry what is the best time to go to Nepal. While there is some fact to the standard way of thinking that spring and fall are extraordinary for trekking, winter and summer have particular preferences too. Progressively travelers visit Nepal in each season and outfitted with the correct trek plan Nepal is an extraordinary all year goal.

Beyond that October and December is the best time to visit Nepal as the skies are for the most part clear and the perspectives staggering. The climate stays dry until about April.

January and February can be extremely cool, particularly around evening time, yet will compensate you with amazing scenes and calmer trekking trails as there are fewer guests.

Pre-summer is an excellent time to go as the rhododendrons burst into a sprout. From May, warmth and stickiness levels work until the point when the storm downpours touch base in June and the mists cloud the wonderful mountain sees.

Nepal commends celebrations all year, so there is frequently a celebration or journey occurring – approach your authority for more subtle elements as the dates regularly change from year to year.

Festival time in Nepal

  • Bisket Jatra (April – May)
  • Mata Tirtha Snan (Mother’s Day) Baisakh (April/May)
  • Buddha Jayanti (May/June)
  • Ghanta Karna Chaturdasi(July/August)
  • Dumji (July)
  • Janai Purnima,Rakshya Bandhan,(July/August)
  • TansenJatra (August)
  • Bhairav Kumari Jatra(August)
  • Gaijatra Bhadra (August-September)
  • Taya Macha Bhadra (August-September)
  • Tamu Dhee Bhadra (August-September)
  • Bagh Jatra Bhadra (August-September)
  • Shree Krishna Janmastami Bhadra (August-September)
  • Gaura Parva Bhadra (August-September)
  • Gokarna Aunsi (Father’s Day) Bhadra (August-September)
  • Teej Ko Darkhane Din Bhadra (August-September)
  • Indra jatra(Holiday Only in Kathmandu) Bhadra (August-September)
  • Rath YatraBhadra (August-September)
  • Sita Vivaha Panchami
  • Dashain HolidaysKartik(September-Octber)
  • Tihar Holidays Kartik (octber-November)
  • Maghe Sankranti Magh(January)
  • Shree Panchami Magh(January/February)
  • Losar Fagun(February)
  • Maha Shiva Ratri Fagun(February/March)
  • Fagun Purnima (Holi)Fagun(February/March)
  • Ghode Jatra Chaitra (March/April)
  • Shree Ram NawamiChaitra (March/April)
  • Chaite DasainChaitra (March/April)

Which time will be perfect for Tibet tour?

Choosing when to visit Tibet is a critical inquiry. Tragically, there is certifiably not an obvious answer as the best time to visit Tibet truly relies upon what you need to see and do.

In all actuality, Tibet can be visited pretty much whenever of year, be that as it may, certain seasons of the year are superior to other people. From March to May, it is spring, and the climate is mellow with a lot of sun and constrained mists.

Spring is the beginning of the visitor season in Tibet, and the areas begin to get occupied in anticipation of the mid-year, which is the high season. Not exclusively is the climate mellow and agreeable, however, with the clear skies, perspectives of the mountains, particularly Mt. Everest, are frequently better during this season.

What’s more, with a little snow sometime on the ground, makes the scene look considerably more forsakenly delightful than it as of now is.

A similar atmosphere can be found in Pre-winter(Autumn), from September to mid-November. Extraordinary compared to other occasions to visit the district for photography, you are ensured to locate the ideal shot in Autumn.

Festival time in Tibet

  • Tibetan New Year (January and February)
  • Butter Sculpture Exhibition (January and February)
  • Sera Bengqin Festival (January and February)
  • Spring Sowing Festival (January and February)
  • Butter Lantern Festival (March)
  • Great Prayer Festival (March)
  • Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival (March)
  • Chawalong Horse Racing Festival (April and May)
  • Saga Dawa Festival (June)
  • Tsurphu Cham Dance Festival (June)
  • Gyantse Horse Racing Festival (June)
  • Drigung Cham Dance Festival (June)
  • Universal Prayer Day (July and August)
  • Yushu Horse Racing Festival (July and August)
  • Chokor Duchen Festival (July and August)
  • Tashilhunpo Monastery Festival (July and August)
  • Ganden Thangka Unveiling Festival (July and August)
  • Litang Horse Racing Festival (July and August)
  • Xiangxiong Cultural Festival (July and August)
  • Nagqu Horse Racing Festival (July and August)
  • Shoton Festival (July and August)
  • Bathing Festival (September and October)
  • Padang Dangkuo Festival (September and October)
  • Ongkor Festival (September and October)
  • Yak Festival (September and October)
  • Buddha’s Descent from Heaven (September and October)
  • Festival (November and December)
  • Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival (November and December)
  • Tibetan Fairy Festival (November and December)