30 Jul

KAGBENI-The Only Gate Way to Upper Mustang

The Mustang region of northern-central Nepal is unlikely any other place in the country, it is characterized by its barren, windswept humps of mountain desert earth, all shades of pink, purple, brown, and gray. For the majority of its history, Mustang was an independent kingdom that was closely tie in language and culture with Tibet. It was the ...

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19 Jul

Top five viewpoints of Nepal

Nepal is full of reason to be on the travelers' bucket list. Friendly people, unique culture variation, world heritage sites, mesmerizing landscapes, and world-class best trekking trails are even less to name. The biggest attraction is, however, the amazing views of the Himalayan ranges as Nepal is home to eight of 14 highest peaks in the world whi...

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15 Jul

A Top Sustainable Destination in Nepal

Bardia National Park has always earned accolades for its efforts in tiger conservation and its intolerance toward poaching. With its efforts towards sustainability, conservation, and anti-poaching drives, Bardia National Parks has made it to the top 100 sustainable destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. Bardia National Park was recently awarde...

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05 Feb

Famous cities you must visit once while traveling in Nepal

Nepal, being a huge tourist fascinating country, has some of the most stunning and naturally blessed places placed in its various regions. And it is no surprise people visit Nepal for trekking and expedition. You can find many places in Nepal for these activities. But what's more? If you are not interested in trekking or expedition then you should ...

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Elephant safari

18 Jan

Getting closer to the wildlife of Nepal

How amazing would it be to get to know the wildlife in their own natural habitat? Watching different species of birds, witnessing the world's rarest wild animals, and of course being friends with animals without affecting their existence. If you are a wildlife lover and wish to explore the jungles and exotic animals around the world then this is fo...

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08 Jan

Experience an adventurous and exciting trek in Nepal during Winter

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold."                                  - Aristotle As a trekker, we love to travel all around the world and throughout the year. But sometimes weather challenges us block our ways but we still continue our trek. Sometimes we went through heavy rainfall which delays our...

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trekking in Nepal

28 Dec

Want to trek but too afraid to begin…..

The world is developing rapidly and we don't even get a chance away from our work. But, have you ever had a feeling to leave everything behind and go on a trip or a trek far away and just beholding the beautiful hills and mountains? If you haven't thought about it, yet, then we have a few points that will make you think about it; Whole body ...

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Rani Pokhari at dawn

23 Dec

Where you can get picturesque scenes in Nepal!

If you are planning on visiting Nepal this year then it is important for you to know that Kathmandu and Pokhara are the must-visit places in Nepal because of their amazing picturesque scenes, peaceful environment and amazing lifestyle and culture of People. These two places being just 200 km. away, has the most variant environment, lifestyle, an...

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Everest panorama trekking

12 Dec

Amazing Everest Panorama Trekking Pictures

We always need some motive or reason to take part in trekking. Either that trekking to get the experience to climb the mountain or step on the topmost point of the world. Every trekker has their valid reason to take part in the trek. But most of the time people want to trek that place where you can get the beautiful pictures. Pictures take a vital ...

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22 Nov

Perfect time for Nepal Tibet tour package

Perfect time to travel certain place depends upon the weather condition and the festival time. Sometimes good weather with the festival will fall at the same time but most of the time they won't. So you can wait and choose the time when you want to visit a certain place. To spend your time for a few days and want to travel to different places wi...

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