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Temples in Nepal

Temples in Nepal

Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist temples are masterworks in oiled brick, stone, and carved wood. Colossal Statuary, intricately ornate toranas(lintels) and erotic carving still inspire the desired amount of wonder.

Kathmandu’s Old town

Backstreet temples, local gods and half-hidden stupas make Kathmandu’s old town our favorite place for an early- morning walk.

Temples in Nepal
Kathmandu Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Courtyard

Still impressive despite some earthquake damage, this medieval town features the country’s tallest temple, a royal palace and even some curved elephant erotica.

Temples in Nepal
Bhaktapur Durbar Square


Golden Temple, Patan

This 15th- century courtyard is centered on a beautiful Boudha Statute and displays five Tibetan frescoes.

Temples in Nepal
Patan Golden Temple

Changu Narayan Temples

Earthquake-damaged but still standing, this World Heritage Site is a Treasure-house of Himalayan art, including 1500-year-old Lichhavi statues and carvings.

Temples in Nepal
Changu Narayan Temple


Monkeys flock around this glorious gold-topped stupa, which rises like bonfire over Kathmandu.

Temples Nepal
Swayambhunath Stupa

Trekking in Nepal

In Nepal you can trek for days through the most incredible mountain scenery, safe in the knowledge that you will find a hot dinner and place to stay at the end of each day.

Everest Region

Some of the world’s most astounding high mountain scenery combined with comfy Sherpa Lodges, but try to visit outside of October.

Himalayan Trekking in Nepal
Way to Everest

Annapurna Circuit

Nepal’s most popular trek offers lots of variety-Tibetan-style villages, Hindu Temples, glacier views and a 5500m pass.

Himalayan Trekking in Nepal
Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Sanctuary

The trek leads one passing Gurung villages and bamboo groves straight into the lap of the Himalaya.


Himalayan Trekking in Nepal
Annapurna Region


Langtang Lirung, 7000m peaks, high mountain lakes and epic Himalayan Panoramas make this a great option.

Himalayan Trekking in Nepal
Ganesh Himal in Langtang Region

Around Pokhara

Trekkers who have less than a week but still want to indulge in the hills for spectacular mountain views will have a good choice.

Himalayan Trekking in Nepal
Fewa lake with Himalayan view