•   Duration: 1 Day
  •  Activities: Tour
  •   Trip Grade: Easy
  •   Departure from: Kathmandu
  •   Arrival on: Kathmandu
  •   Destination: Kathmandu
  •  Group size: 2 and above
  •  Best Seasons: All Season
  •   Trip Mode: Star Hotels

Trip Overview

A Day tour in Kathmandu is for those who want to explore the Monasteries and stupas of the Kathmandu valley. This tour is of one day during this tour you will be able to walk and visit the monastery and stupas present in Kathmandu Valley. Not only this, but you will also be offering yourself in the Scenic beauty and religious and cultural belief of people with the soulful prayers which gives you a better relaxation. Also, to be in the better place with the ancient stupas, statues, prayer wheels, and other holy objects, all embedded into landscape-of gardens and ponds is far better to see the watch and feel. During your Monastery and Stupa Tour, you will be visiting the following places:

#Boudhanath Stupa:

It is believed that this stupa was probably built in the 14th century after the Mughal aggressions.  You can hear various interesting legends regarding the reasons for the construction of this stupa. The temple has become one of the most important centers of Tibetan Buddhism when Tibetan Invasions came in 1959. Form this date to today, it has become the most vital place for Buddhist pilgrimages and locals.

#Kopan Monastery:

This Monastery lies on the north of the ancient Buddhist town of Boudhanath. The monastery makes itself comfortable on the Kopan hill, which rises up out of the terraced fields of the Kathmandu valley. This Monastery is visible from miles of distance. is visible for miles. This monastery has a huge number of magnificent bodhi trees. You can have clean air and a beautiful view of the Kathmandu Valley.

#Seto Gompa:

The stunning views of the mountains, fields, and Kathmandu city from the premises of Seto Gompa makes the Gompa more worth of visiting. In the same manner, temples overall are very serene and beautiful, and the location inspires peacefulness and serenity. You see Buddha statues placed along the stairway up. If you are on the Monastery and Stupa Day tour don’t miss this place to visit.



Outline Itinerary

    Itinerary for one day Tour
    8:00 AM: Breakfast at the Hotel 
    08:30 AM – Drive to Boudhanath Stupa form the hotel and spend a few hours to visit this stupa. You can also get busy with the Stalls surrounding the stupa which are always full of art painting and many architectural things.
    11:00 AM: Lunch at Hotel near Stupa
    11:30 AM: Drive to Kapan Monastery from Boudhanath Stupa
    This monastery is gorgeous with amazing views, a beautiful garden, and a peaceful atmosphere. We will stop here for 2 hours.
    2:00 PM: Drive to Seto Gompa

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