1. Why choose Himalayan Sherpa Holidays as your partner?

We are the best trekking and tour agency in Nepal which offers the best tour and trekking packages at the best rate and possesses the following professional and tailored services:

  • Provide detailed information about Nepal Tours, Nepal Trekking, and guidelines to plan your trip as per your interest and choice.
  • Travel and tour packages at a reasonable price
  • Our guides are professional at their work and provide proper attention and high-standard services to our valuable guests.
  • If you want luxury tours, we can manage Domestic and International Air ticket to and from Nepal with a 0% commission.
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So always choose us as your tour and trekking partner for Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

  1. How can I get a Tourist Visa to travel to Nepal?

Basically, tourist visas are issued Nepal Immigration office at the entry points of Nepal. However, here are some information given to you to ease your Nepal Tourist Visa Information.

  • Issued to foreigners traveling to Nepal as an entry visa (On-Arrival Visa) at the port of entry.
  • Issued as an entry visa by Diplomatic Missions abroad.
  • Tourist visa is extended not exceeding a total of 150 days of stay in a single visa year (Jan-Dec)
  • 15days, 30 days, and 90 days entry visa is issued by Immigration Offices.
  • Tourist Visa extension is done for a minimum of 15 days by Immigration Offices and the Department of Immigration.
  • 15days, 30 days, and 90 days entry visa is issued by Diplomatic Missions.

Required Documents for Visa: 

  1. Valid Ordinary Passport
  2. Previous Visa, if any
  3. Other supporting documents,  if required
  4. 3 USD per Day 

Visa fees

15 Days – USD 30

30 Days – USD  50

90 Days – USD 125 

Visa Extension:

  1. 3 USD per Day
  2. 5 USD per day as a late fine in the case of a delay
  3. Additional  25 USD for a Multiple re-entry facility
  1. Does trekking fit me?

You do not need a special degree of fitness and age except in areas above 3000m altitude. Therefore, anyone with a good physique can explore the adventure in the Land of the Himalayas. You can enjoy the best Base camp treks in Nepal as the Everest Base Camp trek, and the Annapurna Base camp Trek which has been a world-famous trek now.

  1. Which is the best season to travel to Nepal?

The best season to travel to Nepal is from March to May and September to November. However, Nepal has to offer many destinations for visitors across the year.

  1. Do we need a guide to visit Nepal?

As we know, professional guides are trained and very experienced with trekking routes and visiting places. Therefore, they can explain to you more about the routes of trekking and the things to take with them during trekking. They also help you to get first aid in case of an emergency. Above all, it will be a wise decision to have a guide when you visit Nepal.

  1. Do you need a porter to carry your bags?

It depends on how heavy is your bag and how strong you are to carry your belongings to take with you uphills. If you are strong enough to carry your bags and luggage, you do not need them. However, If you want to add some comfort to your trek and at the same time employ someone needy, you can hire a porter.

  1. Is Insurance necessary?

It is mandatory to have travel insurance to cover altitude rescue in case of emergency. We also do the insurance of our guide and porters.

  1. Do I have to take a camera with me?

Yes, you need to bring a camera with you because you want to capture the best movements and events during your visit to Nepal. For photography, Nepal is the best destination.