Getting closer to the wildlife of Nepal

Getting closer to the wildlife of Nepal

How amazing would it be to get to know the wildlife in their own natural habitat? Watching different species of birds, witnessing the world’s rarest wild animals, and of course, being friends with animals without affecting their existence. If you are a wildlife lover and wish to explore the jungles and exotic animals around the world then this is for you.

Nepal doesn’t only consist of the highest peak in the world but also shelters the world’s rarest creature. There are various wildlife conservation areas in Nepal for the preservation of wild animals, but among them, the most popular one is Chitwan National Park due to its easier accessibility. It is the best place to spend your vacation if you wish to view above 400 species of birds, 68 species of mammals, and 126 species of fishes in one place.

Things to do to explore wildlife in Chitwan

Elephant Back Safari

This is the best experience you can ever get in the jungles of Nepal. Do you know that you can get to bathe elephants and ride them? Elephant safari can be exciting if you want to view wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned rhinoceros and many more in a safe way.

Elephant ride in Nepal

Besides this, you can get to view hundreds of species of birds. But take note on fact that you may not be able to take good pictures while riding an elephant. And remember to be quiet else you’ll miss the chance to see wildlife.

Canoe ride

Canoe ride chitwan

Canoe ride can be the most thrilling activity you can do to view different aquatic animals and birds. You’ll be excited and thrilled to see various aquatic birds as you pass the shores of the Rapti river. You can also enjoy the sights of gharial basking in the bank of the river.

Jungle walk

Are you brave enough to take a walk in the jungle? If you are then you can walk through the jungles of  Terai to get an even closer and clear view of the wild animals, birds, and plants. It is the best activity if you are intending to take pictures.

Jungle walk in Chitwan

It will be a beautiful experience if you are lucky enough to see the herd of deer passing by. And you can have the experience of a lifetime if you can get a view of Royal Bengal tiger, a rare species of Tiger preserved in Nepal. The tour guides will accompany for your help in the national park.

Jeep safari

Jeep safari is one of the best experiences while taking a tour in the jungles. You can get an opportunity to take some good pictures as the driver will stop to show places and animals.

Jeep safari in Chitwan

This way you will be more comfortable as you’ll have better seats and as you go deep into the jungle you’ll have more chance to see the tiger, one-horned rhino, sloth bear, spotted deer, and many other animals. And remember not to wear bright clothes as it will scare off animals.

Bird watching tour

You can observe different species of birds in bird watching tours. And the best way to do this is by jungle walk. You can go to Bis Hazari Taal(Twenty thousand Lake) and Mohana farm field for bird watching experience.

Bird watching

So, excited to go onjungle safari? And don’t forget to remember Himalayan Sherpa Holidays for the best jungle tour experience.

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“Each and Every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me” – Anthony Douglas Williams