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Ang Furi Gyalje Sherpa


Born in the Himalayan region of Nepal Mr. Ang Furi Gyalje Sherpa was passion about mountain climbing as well as trekking. He was born on 25 November 1982 in Tapting Village of Solukhumbu. From his childhood, he showed deep interest in climbing and trekking as well as the expedition. Born in a village located at the lap of the World’s highest peak Mt. Everest he worked as the professional tourist guide. He started his career as a guide in 2000 from since then he is continuing this professionalism. Not only this, but he also worked as the Professional tour guide in Doha for 3 years. He is a professional certified guide and shows 18 years of long experiences in the travel and tourism field. You can completely rely on his professional activities. In the same manner, he also possesses lots of experiences and had taken following training courses,


  • Tour Guide Training Courses at Stenden University Doha
  • Joined Cruise-ship Guide Training in World Federation of Tourists Guide

Mr. Sherpa also bears all the capabilities that best guide must have. He has good communication skill and behaves well being with the guests. Similarly, he has sharp knowledge of history as well as about trekking and tour routes. Also, he is able to be flexible with the tour, adjusting for spontaneous moments and shows a unique approach for different types of guests. He is sensitive to serve different international guests and always tries to give the best services.