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Paragliding is one of the loved adventure sports in Nepal. The main area of paragliding in Pokhara valley. Almost 19 paragliding companies are operating commercial tandem flights in Pokhara. Tandem flying involves flying with a passenger. Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and safety. You can sit carefreely and enjoy your surroundings. Take pictures and talk with your pilot. If you are an experienced paraglider and want to fly on your own, you can get flying permission from the civil aviation office in Pokhara. There are 250 flights a day during the peak season. This is an extreme adventure sport and has risks during takeoff and landing when the course of wind changes. Pilots are internationally certified and are experienced. The standard paragliding flights take off from Sarangkot and heads over Pokhara and descend to Fewa Tal next to Lakeside. The companies offer three flights a day and seven days a week. You should book a flight at least 1 day in advance so companies can plan earlier. You can book by phone, email or in-person a day before your flight. Inside Pokhara valley, there are commanding views of 3 of the world’s 8000m peaks with friendly and constant conditions for your paragliding holiday.

Outline Itinerary

    • Day1: Arrive at Pokhara
    • Day2: drive to Sarangkot and taking lessons and go for flying.

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