Welcome to Himalayan Sherpa Holidays

Himalayan Sherpa Holidays is a Premium Trekking & Tour Operator located in Kathmandu. We are providing our services for a wide range of luxurious and adventurous activities in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan for the tourists around the world. Those are Cultural Tour, Religious Tour, Trekking, Peak Climbing and outdoor adventures like cycling, bungee jumping, canyoning, day hiking, and sightseeing. Broadly our festivals, ethnological, intercultural and rural tours is a close way to see Nepal. The Nepalese wildlife sanctuary has been a homeland of many wild animals like Rhinoceros, Elephants, Bengal tigers, Lophophorus, Leopards, Alligators, etc. The climatic variations provide tourists an unmatched experience of visiting the summit of the world’s famous peaks in Nepal. The flora and fauna and cultural diversity give on hand trekking experiences of monumental Nepal. We are here to serve tourists in their adventure with utmost safety and wholesome unmatched trekking experience.